Liuwa Plain

Student Sponsorship

In 2020, the first student enrolled on the Time + Tide Foundation Sponsorship Programme in Liuwa Plain completed his secondary school education. Chinyama wrote his exams in December 2020 and has become the first person from Mangolondo Village in Munde community to complete high school. Equally, he is the first resident who has the opportunity to advance to college or university. In 2021, he was informed of his high final exam result of 80%. With this mark Chinyama will certainly qualify for admission to one of Zambia’s top universities, with a high chance of obtaining a government bursary to cover university fees and living costs.

Our Liuwa Plain Programme Officer, Charity Mushokabanji, describes what it’s been like to watch Chinyama grow academically and personally over the past five years:

“It’s really an honour to have been part of Chinyama’s journey as our first sponsored student in Liuwa. Over the last five years I’ve known Chinyama to be humble, understanding and respectful. He used to advise the younger sponsored students to take him as an example in and outside of school. I felt so proud when Chinyama was selected to be a prefect. Chinyama is a role model to his family, his village and to the whole community of Munde.”