Liuwa Plain

Digital Learning

In March 2023, we partnered with Mwabu, an organisation that uses digital learning to address some of the challenges faced by schools in rural Africa such as large class sizes, lack of or poor access to internet and electricity and limited or no computers.  We piloted the use of their offline literacy app with girls in our Girls Club in Munde Village. The Mwabu app is installed on tablets and easily navigable by students and provides a platform to learn literacy in a fun and engaging way, with literacy exercises such as filling in the blanks, matching words and images and story comprehension. To help strengthen the lesson delivery, our Girls Club Coordinators attended a Mwabu workshop on how to plan lessons and oversee students’ independent use of the course material. At baseline, the 2023 cohort scored a collective average of 27% on our literacy assessment, which increased to 53% by the end of the year, after only two academic terms. By comparison, the 2022 Girls Club cohort scored a baseline collective average of 30% and progressed to 46% after 5 terms without the literacy app. In other words, the girls using the app collectively improved their literacy scores by 100% over a period of six months, whereas girls from the same context and not using the app improved their literacy scores by only 55% over a period of 15 months.