Socially responsible and compassionate safari tourism.

Inclusive, safe learning for vulnerable children.

As the philanthropic arm of the Time + Tide tourism company, the Time + Tide Foundation forges educational and economic pathways for some of the most historically disadvantaged residents in our communities, namely children with special needs, pre-adolescent girls and women who dropped out of school.

What We Know

In Zambia, 65% of girls drop out of school after the primary level, and only 3% of girls from high poverty areas complete high school, yet they comprise more than half of the population. The rate of return to education in terms of labour market earnings is the highest in sub-Saharan Africa, and yet so few girls are able to access reliable, quality education and, by proxy, improved future economic prospects.

Most persons in Africa living with disabilities are subjected to a poorer quality of life and severe difficulties in actualizing a decent standard of living, with those in the rural areas suffering worse conditions. People’s limited understanding of disabilities has led to high levels of stigmatization and exclusion, prohibiting people with developmental differences from obtaining decent education, proper health care and accessing jobs and financial support.

What We Believe

At the Time + Tide Foundation, we believe that investing in individuals is the most effective means to build social capital: those who’ve made their way out of the infinitely complicated dynamics of poverty will circle back and drive positive change in their communities. We challenge the status quo and encourage transformation, especially alongside residents who have historically faced barriers to formal, full-length educations. Thereafter, the cycle is boundless and self-sustaining, with empowered residents discovering new possibilities for themselves and their families.

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