Inclusive, safe learning for vulnerable children.

Inclusive, safe learning for vulnerable children.

The Time + Tide Foundation creates social value in the Time + Tide communities. As the philanthropic arm of the Time + Tide tourism brand, we invest in the future productivity of wildlife economies through community and school-based learning.

What We Know

Over 1.5 million children of primary school age in Madagascar and 500,000 children in Zambia are out of school. The transition rates to secondary school for children who do attend primary school are only 33% and 67% in Madagascar and Zambia respectively, yet the rate of return to education in terms of labour market earnings is the highest in sub-Saharan Africa. In other words, education offers significant economic benefits at the country level.

What We Believe

We believe that all children deserve an opportunity to grow and develop in safe  environments. Accordingly, we design and manage academic and developmental programmes in close conjunction with parents, schools and compassionate community caregivers and educators. Moreover, we work with local leaders to publicly promote health, advance female education, conserve wildlife, and support inclusive, diverse education.

We believe in taking a personal approach that engages children in their homes and with their families. Our team lives and works locally, spending time in homes, at the schools and with community leaders on a daily basis.

Female Empowerment


Home-Based Education

Student Sponsorships

Wildlife Conservation