Socially responsible and compassionate safari tourism.

Inclusive, safe learning for vulnerable children.

As the philanthropic arm of the Time + Tide tourism company, the Time + Tide Foundation facilitates educational and economic opportunities for some of the most traditionally undervalued residents in our communities, namely children with special needs, pre-adolescent girls and women who dropped out of school.

What We Know

Over 1.5 million children of primary school age in Madagascar and 500,000 children in Zambia are out of school. The transition rates to secondary school for children who do attend primary school are only 33% and 67% in Madagascar and Zambia respectively, yet the rate of return to education in terms of labour market earnings is the highest in sub-Saharan Africa. In other words, education offers significant economic benefits at the country level.

What We Believe

At Time + Tide, we believe that improved education and financial independence for girls, women and historically marginalized residents in remote wildlife communities will lead to positive societal and conservation outcomes. We play our part by designing and managing academic and developmental programmes collaboratively with parents, schools, women’s groups, community caregivers, and a wide variety of local stakeholders.

Home-Based Education

Female Empowerment

Student Sponsorships


Wildlife Conservation