Our Story

The history of the Time + Tide Foundation begins with Norman Carr, whose vision for the interdependency of tourism, community and conservation shaped both our ethos as an organisation as well as the Time + Tide Africa tourism brand. Norman Carr was a man ahead of his time, and his insistence on a holistic approach to safari tourism raised the bar for the sector across  Southern Africa.

Pioneers a model of conservation Norman Carr pioneers a model of conservation through which residents receive direct financial and educational benefits.
Kapani Lodge officially opened by Zambia's first President Dr. Kenneth D. Kaunda. After sponsoring children to school in nearby Chipata for many years, Norman formally establishes the Kapani School Project to channel guest donations to children in need of sponsorship and to support school infrastructure.
Norman and Chris Years after first meeting Norman, Chris Liebenberg and his father set up Chongwe Safaris in the Lower Zambezi and immediately incorporated conservation, anti-poaching and community engagement as essential to their tourism model.
The Dalais family invests in Chongwe Safaris.
Chris Liebenberg takes an active role in aligning tourism development with education of children in Lower Zambezi by chairing the board of Chitende Secondary School.
Time + Tide The Dalais family invests in Norman Carr Safaris, consolidates with Chongwe Safaris and re-brands the two entities under the name: Time + Tide.
T+T Foundation cross Time + Tide establishes the Time + Tide Foundation as an independently governed non-profit. The Foundation builds on the Kapani School Project's model of investing in a diversity of children to increase the income earning potential of residents.
Time + Tide properties opens Time + Tide King Lewanika in Liuwa Plain, Zambia and Time + Tide Miavana on Nosy Ankao, Madagascar. The Time + Tide Foundation begins implementing community and ecological research projects prior to the completion of the lodges, developing strong ties with the lodges' most immediate neighbours.
Immersive research The Time + Tide Foundation conducts immersive research in 2 villages in Liuwa Plain and 6 villages adjacent to Nosy Ankao, officially recording frustrations with the quality and limits of local of education. For especially disadvantaged youth, such as girls and children who are differently abled, the opportunities to access and remain in schools are nearly impossible.
The Time + Tide Foundation launches FY19-21 Strategic Plan, standardizing its programme approach across all four areas. The primary objective of the Foundation is to enable children to enter into and remain in school, which annually increases their future earning potential. This objective is achieved through three programme platforms: female empowerment, home-based education for children with special needs and student sponsorships.
2020 After significant growth in 2019-2020, the Foundation team comprises 240 passionate individuals, with 95% of the team based in our communities. Despite the loss of tourism revenue over the pandemic, the Foundation continues operations with reserve funding and donor support, flying the flag for Time + Tide locally.
Oak Logo While the tourism business recovers, the Time + Tide Foundation secures supplementary operational funding from Oak Foundation. The grant includes programme expansion to more strategically involve parents and help women who dropped out of school to achieve financial independence.
2023 Social return on investment methodology embedded into programme analyses as a means of better understanding, quantifying and monetising social capital generation.