Wildlife Conservation

Together with Time + Tide, the Time + Tide Foundation is committed to protecting the threatened wildlife and habitats in our areas. In Zambia, we support local conservation management organisations in their anti-poaching, environmental education, human-wildlife conflict, and wildlife rehabilitation efforts in and around national parks. In Madagascar, we work in a different category of protected area, which allows us to assume a more hands-on approach.

Our Response

On the protected island of Nosy Ankao in Madagascar, we manage a full-time environmental team trained in wildlife monitoring and habitat preservation. We formalised our Conservation Strategy in 2022, which includes five focus areas: monitoring of endangered sea turtles and nest protection, monitoring and conservation of tern colonies, long-term monitoring of coral reefs, Crowned Lemur conservation, and sustainable fisheries.

Over 2023, we recorded positive growth rate of the corals in our coral restoration project, with 98% of coral fragments healthy. The transplantation phase began in March and continued in August, which involved the assessment of transplantation methods’ effectiveness and post-transplantation restoration success. 

In 2023, we introduced eight new individuals of Eulemur coronatus (Crowed lemurs) to Nosy Ankao, comprising three males and five females. These lemurs quickly adapted to the conditions on Nosy Ankao, positively influencing the existing group dynamics. Their effective adaptation was confirmed at the end of 2023 with three lemur babies born, all from individuals introduced in March 2023. Additionally, the continued collaboration with the University of Antsiranana has allowed us to align our lemur conservation objectives in Nosy Ankao and Amparihirano (the area from which the lemurs originate), with a Master’s student collaboratively establishing a reforestation plan with Amparihirano residents for the Bekaraoka Forest.