Wildlife Conservation

Together with Time + Tide, the Time + Tide Foundation is committed to protecting the threatened wildlife and habitats in our areas. In Zambia, we support local conservation management organisations in their anti-poaching, environmental education, human-wildlife conflict, and wildlife rehabilitation efforts. In 2019 alone, Time + Tide donated USD $160,000 to these efforts and contributed over $500,000 to the national parks authorities through fees, levies and taxes.

Our Response

In Madagascar, we are uniquely positioned on a protected island, with a full-time environmental team trained in wildlife monitoring and reforestation. We therefore have the opportunity to take a more hands-on approach to conservation in our area, which to date has involved monitoring of nesting sea turtles on Nosy Ankao, marine and terrestrial biodiversity surveys, seabird ringing and monitoring, as well as a Crowned Lemur Conservation programme.

Ultimately, the success of wildlife conservation depends on the number of people who gain more financially from protecting animals and their habitats than they would from harvesting them. Through our coral reef research, education of fishing associations, reforestation efforts, well installations, and ranger and student training and employment, we directly benefit 1,300 residents in the Loky-Manambato Protected Area, with a further 5,500 residents receiving secondary or indirect benefits from procurement, job opportunities and the potential for conservation-focused income generating projects.