Wildlife Conservation

Together with Time + Tide, the Time + Tide Foundation is committed to protecting the threatened wildlife and habitats in our areas. In Zambia, we support local conservation management organisations in their anti-poaching, environmental education, human-wildlife conflict, and wildlife rehabilitation efforts in and around national parks. In Madagascar, we work in a different category of protected area, which allows us to assume a more hands-on approach.

Our Response

On the protected island of Nosy Ankao in Madagascar, we manage a full-time environmental team trained in wildlife monitoring and habitat preservation. We formalised our Conservation Strategy in 2022, which includes five focus areas: monitoring of endangered sea turtles and nest protection, monitoring and conservation of tern colonies, long-term monitoring of coral reefs, Crowned Lemur conservation, and sustainable fisheries. Our first coral restoration pilot project was launched in November 2022 and has shown promising results in just 8 months, with 98% survival of the coral fragments collected and placed at the coral restoration site. We are in the process of implementing our long-term education plan for local fishing associations, with a specific focus on the significance of marine turtles, their value in marine ecosystems and the actions fishermen can take to ensure their protection.