About Us


Aspirational and Fiercely Pragmatic

The Time + Tide Foundation uses a model of accompaniment. This means we stick by our beneficiaries and their families and accompany them – emotionally, developmentally, academically, socially – into and through the schooling system. Our approach is individualized and brings all relevant parties together to address the root causes of why certain children are isolated and left out of school. As we establish and manage our programmes, we rely on four guiding pillars:

Empathy – We show up for children and families who have been isolated

Immersion – We get close to our communities by living locally and conducting extensive anthropological research

Analytical – We document residents’ belief systems and map social, political and economic data for each programme

Self-Reflective Action – We set targets for each intervention, constantly monitor our progress and effectiveness and adapt our interventions accordingly


The Time + Tide Foundation is committed to being transparent and accountable to our board, our donors, our beneficiary communities, and partners. This is achieved by complying with local laws in each of our areas of operation and adhering to our in-house procedures and controls through consistent monitoring and evaluation. We produce and share an annual report and audited financial statements every year, which are distributed to our networks and available for download on our website. Moreover, we consult our independent board of council members for major decisions and strategic direction of the organisation, with quarterly board reports on the progress of our activities and management accounts sent throughout the year.

Our financial statements are prepared in accordance with the International Financial Accounting Standards. All donations are tracked according to the donor, area and project for which they were designated, with up-to-date statements available at any time.

Where We Work

These remote areas are difficult to access and cut off from many basic services. In some of our communities, the Time + Tide Foundation is the most reliable source of educational, social and medical support. Our involvement can be the difference between young girls getting married or continuing with school; between children living with debilitating physical impairments or thriving after life-changing operations. Our team is spread throughout the four locations, with 100% of employees based in the protected areas.