About Us


Fiercely Pragmatic

Our approach is individualized and brings all relevant parties together to address the root causes of social and economic exclusion. As we establish and manage our programmes, we rely on four guiding pillars:

Empathy – We show up for women, children and families who are often not included in formal education and local decision making structures

Immersion – We are grassroots, living within our focal communities and engaging a wide variety of stakeholders in our programmes

Analytical – We document change from the perspective of what matters most to residents and validate that change through objective indicators

Self-Reflective Action – We set targets for each intervention, monitor our progress and evaluate our social impact together with stakeholders


The Time + Tide Foundation is committed to being transparent to all of our stakeholders. We achieve this by complying with local laws in each of our areas of operation and adhering to our in-house procedures and controls through consistent monitoring and evaluation. As of 2023, we routinely undertake social impact assessments, led by accredited practitioners within our organisation, following a stakeholder-centred methodology with reports externally audited. We produce and share an annual report every year, which is distributed to our networks and available for download on our website. Moreover, we consult our independent board of council members for major decisions and strategic direction of the organisation, with quarterly board reports on the progress of our activities and management accounts sent throughout the year.

Where We Work

We work in the residential communities that immediately neighbour Time + Tide lodges. These span 4 protected areas (3 in Zambia and 1 in Madagascar), 300 villages and 30 schools. In 2024, we have 588 primary beneficiaries registered in our core programmes, 8,900 secondary beneficiaries and a wider audience of over 19,000 residents indirectly benefitting from our activities.