Financial Literacy

In mid-2021, we began offering the community caregivers in Liuwa Plain financial literacy and adult literacy lessons in an effort to help them improve the financial management of their businesses. To date, caregivers have received 204 hours of training, and they completed their courses in April 2022, culminating in a final exam in the form of developing a business proposal and budget tracking system. Fifteen caregivers passed the exam, demonstrating their business management knowledge. Thereafter, they were awarded start-up capital to expand their existing businesses or establish new ventures, and over the rest of 2022 and 2023 we will track how the investment in both their financial management capacity and businesses impacts on their income generation.

Community caregivers in the Home-based Education Programme volunteer hundreds of hours to assisting children with special needs and educating residents about the biological determinates of disabilities. They do so out of compassion for differently abled children and a desire to improve their civil societies. Organizing courses and trainings such as financial literacy and business management is one of the ways in which we support the personal and professional development of our committed volunteers.