Hanada Orphanage

Hanada Orphanage is the only childcare facility in the Mambwe District of South Luangwa and is intended to care for orphans and vulnerable children. The Time + Tide Foundation partnered with Hanada Orphanage in early 2020 as a respite centre for children with special needs, some of whom were later formally relocated to the facility by the Department of Social Welfare. In July 2020, the Time + Tide Foundation supported extensive refurbishments at Hanada Orphanage to ensure the facility was safe, secure and habitable for children. In December 2020, we took the lead in showcasing the refurbishments and explaining our long-term support to local stakeholders, which resulted in a number of businesspeople, church leaders and educators offering to form a new advisory and management board for the orphanage.

We currently support six children at the Orphanage: three are permanent residents, while three Reside at the facility for short periods of time, allowing their parents the opportunity to focus exclusively on the income generating needs of their families.

One of the beneficiaries of this partnership is 8-year-old Patrick who has a combination of cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Before moving to the orphanage, Patrick was cared for by his aged grandparents, who were unable to consistently look after him and could not always provide daily meals. These factors made it extremely difficult for him to develop and resulted in an increase of seizures. With a recommendation from the Department of Social Welfare, he was relocated to the orphanage WHEN and has since made tremendous progress. His general well-being has improved, the number of seizures has significantly reduced and his socioemotional skills have developed due to the nurturing environment and his opportunity to socialize daily with other children.