Nursery School

According to UNESCO (2021), Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) aims to develop a child’s emotional, social, physical, and cognitive needs to build a strong foundation for well-being and learning. Through ECCE, it is possible to nurture capable, caring, and responsible citizens in society. That is why, in 2021, the Time + Tide Foundation in partnership with Miavana by Time + Tide established a nursery school for children aged 1 year to 5 years on the island of Nosy Ankao. This early learning centre will further help us achieve our objectives in the Female Empowerment and Sponsorship Programmes by setting strong foundations for literacy and numeracy skills.

The teachers at the school foster holistic child development by incorporating play and teamwork in the daily activities. Through this, children develop their self-esteem, learn socialization, cooperation, and healthy competition. Some of the daily activities in which the children engage include making puzzles, counting, writing numbers and letters, assembling figures with playdough, painting, and coloring.