Teacher Training

In Madagascar, we invest in the primary school education on Nosy Ankao and the adjacent mainland villages, which has been particularly under-resourced given the remoteness of these coastal and island communities. Specifically, we employ 5 teachers and assistants to run the schools on Nosy Ankao, and an additional 8 teachers on the mainland. As part of our commitment to increasing learning outcomes, we hold regular trainings with the teachers to complement the courses provided by the Ministry of Education. With our Education Manager based on the island of Nosy Ankao, it is often difficult for her to visit with the mainland teachers in person, so she established a curriculum that she can oversee remotely through phone consultations with the teachers and photographs sent via WhatsApp of specific exercises that require review. Over the course of 2021, the mainland teachers received 208 hours of training from from our Education Manager, which proved hugely beneficial: at the start of 2021, the teachers collectively scored 25% on French vocabulary, grammar and conjugation assessments; this score improved to 76% by the end of the year.