Theatre in Female Empowerment
Theatre assists in the development of students’ public speaking skills, vocabulary and confidence. In 2021, we included more theatre lessons in our weekly Female Empowerment Programmes to build confidence levels of the girls and to encourage more creativity, healthy communication and imagination.

We also use theatre to raise awareness in the local communities in the Lower Zambezi, sensitizing people about the importance of education. On the 30th of April 2021, the girls in the Mugurameno club performed a play called: “A girl child is the key to the future.” The aim of this performance was to encourage fellow students to complete their education and to urge parents to support their female children and value education.

Theatre has helped all the girls on our Female Empowerment Programme to improve their confidence. In 2020, when we introduced theatre, only 15% of the girls were comfortable participating in public performances; in 2021, this increased to over 80%.